Powerfuel RX pump

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High grade toothed wheel pump with metallic gear. he pump can be operated either by receiver current (e.g. by a battery switch / dual power supply) or by a separate battery (e.g. 2S LiPo battery).

The PowerSmoke 740 HV is the follow-up model of the PowerSmoke 600 with revised electronics and enhanced software features.

The smoke-pump can be controlled (at the pressure side) either with an electric-magnetically valve (directly controlled by pump-electronics) or a (low cost) valve especially developed by us. "Pinpointed" turning the smoke on or off is accomplished and a so called "after-smoke" is inhibited. Both valves are available as accessory.

Delivery incl. retaining clamps, screws, receiver connection cable, programming jumper and operating manual.



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Manufacturer Emcotec
Article reference EMCA90053
Brand Emcotec