DLE85 motor + ignition and standard muffler

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Single cylinder power that's silky smooth.

For giant-scale enthusiasts the DLE-85 is not only an impressive powerhouse, it's also an amazing value as well! Vibration — a real concern for a single cylinder engine this large — is kept in check by the included vibration-dampening engine mount. An extension on the exhaust lessens the chances of having to modify the cowl, and will flex or pop off during a hard landing, helping to protect the engine.

  • Included mount secures the engine while reducing vibration that could damage the airframe.
  • Included exhaust extension can be cut to fit the model and prevents residue buildup inside the cowl.
  • The ignition module will accept 4.8-8.4V power sources and the optional DLE tachometer (DLEG5525).
  • Large outlet stinger on muffler allows the engine to breathe better and produce more power.

Stock Number: DLEG0085 
Displacement: 85 cc (5.18 cu in)
Bore: 2.047 in (52 mm)
Stroke: 1.574 in (40 mm)
Total Weight: 5.62 lb (2.55 kg) 
Output: 8.5 hp @ 7500 rpm
Includes: ignition module, spark plug, engine standoffs, vibration-dampening engine mount & muffler with exhaust extension
Requires: unleaded gasoline, oil, ignition battery & propeller
Suggested prop sizes: 25x10, 26x9, 27x8 

Technical Data:
Compression Ratio:
Gasoline/Oil Mix: 30:1
Replacement Spark Plug: DLEG8526
Weight Breakdown: Engine: Engine: 4.29 lb (1,944 g); Muffler: 8.11 oz (230 g); Ignition 4.27 oz (121 g); Motor Mounts: 8.5 oz (241 g); Hardware: 0.49 oz (14 g)

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More Information
Article reference DLE0085
Brand DLE motors
Manufacturer DLE motors

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