Hacker C54-3D L Acro Senstrol no gear CR kv1700

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C54-3D L Acro no gear for CR of  Brenner USA (COMES WITHOUT GEARBOX!)
- suitable for Contra Rotating Gearbox of Brenner USA
Hackers R&D department has made another quantum leap developing the all new C54 Acro Competition motor. Many detailed innovations have finally resulted in unmatched high standard in design, quality and performance. Our competence in electric motor simulation of both, the magnetic flux, as also with regard to the mechanical
design, lead to an entirely new 4-pole motor concept, so we achieved an unreached power to weight ratio.


  • Windungszahl: 3 D
  • kv: 1690
  • current @37V: 1,9A
  • inner resistance: 0,
  • 10 Ohm
  • recommended Timing: 5-10°
  • recomended frequency: 8khz
  • weight: 345g


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Manufacturer Hacker
Article reference HACK8706

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Motor without  Gearbox