KST X10 wingservo V2.0 30x10x35.5mm 28g

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The X10 is a new servo of the X series and the advancement of the KST DS225-MG-HV.

The X10 differs from the DS225 by a new electronics with even better resetting accuracy. The motor of the KST X10 servo can be loaded with up to 10gk / cm. The upper part of the KST X10 is equipped with an Alloy Alloy Alloy 7070, which improves the durability and backlash in continuous operation clearly against the KST-DS225 MG.

As with the KST X10 Mini, the KST X10 also uses a harder aluminum alloy on the upper part of the housing, which in turn further improves the freedom of play in the long run.

Please note the servo recommendation of the respective model manufacturer when selecting your servos.

KST X10 Wing Servo

More power, new electronics, new engine, even better resetting accuracy. Upper part made of AI7075.

Specifications: X10
Operation Voltage (rated) DC7.4V
Operation Voltage Range DC6.0V-8.4V
7.5Kg.cm@6.0V 9.5Kg.cm@7.4V
Travel Angle ± 50 ° when 1000-2000us
Operating Temperature Range -20 ℃ ...... + 65 ℃

Case Material Aluminum Alloy
Engine Type Coreless
Gear Set Hardened Steel
Position Sensor Potentiometer
Position Feedback Optional
Shielded Connecting Cable 26AWG
Case Dimensions 30 * 10 * 35.5mm Weight 28g



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Manufacturer KST
Article reference KSTX10
Brand KST