Futaba 32MZ transmitter + R7014SB receiver

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The Futaba T32MZ is the flagship of the Futaba remote control series. In this system the complete KnowHow of the Futaba engineers flowed in. With numerous innovative features, the T32MZ is clearly the reference in the remote control market.


The huge color touch display guarantees perfect operation of the clearly arranged transmitter software. The T32MZ supports the established transmission T-FHSS, FASSTest, FASST and S-FHSS. With its 32 channels, the transmitter offers a virtually limitless range of applications.


The transmitter housing in the Smart Design impresses with its ergonomic design and the outstanding build quality. With the Dual Display Futaba goes a new way and now displays the telemetry & timer data on the upper display to facilitate readability in flight.


Of course, the T32MZ is using the innovative POTLESS control sticks. The movement of the joysticks is scanned without contact and therefore absolutely wear-free. While with a potentiometer, a consumer is always dragging over a layer of carbon, there is no mechanical contact between the joystick (magnet) and the signal pickup (magnetic sensor) on the POTLESS joystick during the scan of the joystick movements.


The transmitter is equipped with 6 trims, 8 switches and 2 linear slides. All encoders and switches are freely assignable. All controls are ergonomically arranged and can be operated perfectly in flight. The ball-bearing sticks impress with their incredible precision and unique adjustability. In addition, the Futaba T32MZ has connections for S.BUS, headphones and teacher-pupil operation.


With the T32MZ, Futaba continues to expand its supremacy in the remote control segment and is positioning itself for the future in the RC market. For competitive pilots and professional model pilots the T32MZ is the non plus ultra ...!


· HiEnd 32-channel computer remote control system

· Dual display

· Potless joystick


· Professional features for competitive pilots & ambitious model pilots

· Transmission types T-FHSS, FASSTest, FASST, S-FHSS

· Receiver R7014SB with antenna diversity

· Telemetry function

· Telemetry output via speaker, display or headphone

· New S.BUS functionalities

· Vibration alarm

· Modification for Mode 1 to 4

· Memory for model name & user

· Menu navigation in 9 languages

· Huge color touch display

· 6 digital trims, 8 switches, 2 sliders

· Integrated antenna

· Graphical servo monitor

· Firmware updates possible via SD card

· Powerful timer


· POTLESS joystick technology

· Sampling of the joystick movement without touching

· Hi Resolution with 4,096 steps

· More direct response

· No measurable latency

· Temperature stable

· Totally wear-free

· Perfect interaction with the double-ball bearing Futaba sticks


· Transmission type: FASSTest / FASST / T-FHSS / S-FHSS

· Frequency range: 2.4 GHz

· Channels: 32

· Transmission power: 100 mW EIRP


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Manufacturer Futaba
Article reference FUT01000206
Brand Futaba

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In the box

· Transmitter T32MZ with Potless sticks

· Receiver R7014SB

· Transmitter battery

· Aluminum transmitter case

· Manual