Interceptor EP ARF F3A

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Design by : AKB Air Craft Mr.Yoichiro Akiba

Wing span : 1800 mm

Fuselage length : 1995 mm

Wing area : 55.74 dm²

Horizon Stabilizer area : 16.2 dm²

Spinner diameter : 82 mm

C.G : 255-260 mm backward from the LE of the wing root

Aileron servo : Futaba BLS174sv x2

Elevator servo : Futaba BLS173sv x1

Rudder servo : Futaba BLS171sv x1

Empty weight : 2350g (Without accessories and landing gear set)

Announced date : 2021-02-01


More Information
Manufacturer Oxai
Article reference OXINTEEP
Kit version Almost ready to fly
Plane Type Aerobatic planes