Scirocco 4,0m PNP full composite high perfomance glider

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High performance F5J model in modern GFK/CFK shell construction. The model is available in two versions (ARF/PNP) and in the PNP version largely pre-assembled. Due to the dynamic flight characteristics, the model is suitable for almost any application. Whether in weak thermals or strong winds, "SCIROCCO" always shows its good-natured and easily controllable side. The elaborate design enables excellent flight attitude recognition. The surface is plugged in force-locked and cleanly by means of CFRP square spar. 


Span: 4000 mm

Weight: ca.3790g (any passenger.)

Receiver: Ro-Power 4356-600

Control: H, S, Q, M, WK

Manufacturer: Robbe

Hull: GRP / CFRP

Areas: GRP / CFRP

Execution: PNP

Rechargeable battery: 4-5S / 4000 LiXX


More Information
Manufacturer Robbe
Brand Robbe
Article reference ROB2634
PlaneType Gliders
Kit version Plug and play
Span 4000

In the box

- Model SCIROCCO in full-GFK/CFK design, multi-coloured lacquered in form
- CFK hexagon socket
- Ro-Power Torque 4356-600 built-in
- Turbospinner 45mm mounted
- folding propeller 16x10" mounted
- 4x FS 125 MG servos built-in
- 2s FS 225 MG Servos built-in
- incidentals
- Assembly instructions in German/English