Marabu V ARF

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Topmodel CZ Marabu V – 2750mm glider


Lightweight, high-performance electric glider with V-tail controlled in all axes. Marabu has two-pieces balsa built-in wing with MH32 airfoil. The wing is fixed to the fuselage with two screws. The wing and butterfly tail are both easily removable and storable for better transportation to the airport.


Fibreglass fuselage is reinforced with carbon fiber, nose of the fuselage is cut off and ready to glue the motor mount and install Ø 38 mm motor with Ø 40 mm spinner and folding propeller. Good penetration and used airfoil classify the Marabu for recreational and competitive thermal flying. Thanks to large area length the model has calm and steady gliding.


Using the effective flaps can be achieved very comfortable flying in thermals. Also landing due to high brake efficiency (when using the butterfly) is very comfortable.


The wing spars and leading edge made from carbon gives the wing enough strength and stiffness.The wing joiner is aluminum tube filled with carbon. The tail surfaces have the main spar and the leading edge made of carbon and the servo control is placed below the wing.


Marabu will love not only fans of competition flying, but all pilots who enjoy comfortable flying in thermals or in the late afternoon calm. Really excellent flight characteristics will inspire you and you will look forward to every next flying.


Needed to complete:

  • Motor: AXI 2814/16 V2 LONG or similar
  • ESC: 30A (Hobbywing Platinum 30A, Masterspin 33…)
  • 6 micro servo’s: 4x Hitec HS-82MG or similar (for flaps & ailerons) / 2x Hitec HS-65MG or similar for V-tail
  • Battery: 3s 11.1V 1700-2200mAh
  • General equipment: charger, lipo bag, glue,…


  • Wingspan: 2750mm
  • Length: 1310mm
  • Weight: 1.2-1.5kg
  • Wing area: 48.7dm²
  • Wing load: 22.7-28.8g / dm²
  • Airfoil: MH32MOD
  • RC-functions: aileron, flaps, V-tail, motor


More Information
Manufacturer Topmodel CZ
Article reference TOPM020126ARF
Wingspan (mm) 2,750.00
Kit version Almost ready to fly
Plane Type Gliders

In the box

  • Lightweight fuselage molded in white tinted epoxy fiberglass + blue tinted fiberglass canopy
  • Two-piece wing is made in balsa framework with wing joiner and wing spar made of carbon tube and covered with Oracover ®
  • V-tail are made in a balsa framework with carbon spar and covered with Oracover®
  • Top quality accessories (servo covers, servo mount, rods, ending ties, control horns, tape for sticking flaps, fiberglass motor mount, plywood servo mount to the tail, ...)
  • Decal sheet
  • Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations