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Royal SX 16 Elegance + RX 16 Pro

Royal SX 16 Elegance + RX 16 Pro
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Product Description


 The ROYAL SX is the proven radio control system with MULTIPLEX 2.4 GHz M-LINK transmission technology for the demanding weekend pilot and expert. Many events have been won and titles gained with ROYAL technology.


You can choose from the following versions:


ROYAL SX 9-channel version with 28 model memories


ROYAL SX 16 16-channel version with 36 model memoriesr




Both variants offer the same facilities and features. The only difference is the number of channels and model memories.


• Comprehensive adjustment and mixer facilities for fixed-wing model aircraft and helicopters


• Various mode templates for fixed-wing models and helicopters to minimise the programming effort


• Unrestricted function assignment for transmitter controls, switches and servos


• Up to four flight phases per model, with phase-specific trim and Expo settings


• Three timers and supplementary model time and transmitter operating time


• Five function buttons and two 3D digi-adjusters for simple, user-friendly programming


• Six menu buttons provide direct access to the main menus


• Plain-language menu system in various languages (DE, EN, FR)


• Ergonomically optimised case design for hand-held and tray use


• Hinged screen


• Cruciform digital trims, flight phase-specific


• MULTIPLEX multi-function socket fitted as standard (transmitter battery charging, Trainer mode, PC interface for firmware updates, data management and simulator operation)




Further advantages:


M-LINK 2.4 GHz transmission technology


Transmitter features proven integrated M-LINK 2.4 GHz transmission technology


Binding and reduced-power modes for range-checking are easy and convenient to activate. Receiver FAIL-SAFE positions can be set from the transmitter using a menu.




16-channel operation


A special feature of the ROYAL SX 16 is its sixteen fully proportional channels. Four of these are auxiliary channels; these always operate with full servo travel, and are intended for supplementary functions. The RX-16-DR pro M-LINK sixteen-channel receiver is required in order to use the auxiliary channels.




Downlink channel / Telemetry


If you are using a telemetry-capable receiver, the receiver battery's actual voltage is displayed on the transmitter screen. If the voltage falls to a (user-variable) minimum voltage an audible signal provides a warning that the receiver pack is discharged. The radio link quality (LQI) can also be displayed on the transmitter screen as a % value without additional sensors.


An extra safety enhancement!


It is also possible to have up to fifteen items of telemetry data from the model displayed on the transmitter screen, depending on the sensors connected to the receiver, e.g. voltage, current, temperature, etc. Typical applications: motor temperature, flight pack voltage, motor current.




Low latency / high resolution


A digital interface to the RF module ensures extremely fast, accurate, high-resolution transmission of the control signals. The ROYAL SX M-LINK operates with a servo frame rate of 14 ms in twelve-channel mode (alternatively 21 ms in sixteen-channel mode) with 12-bit resolution (3872 steps). Switchable Normal / Fast Response: the frame rate can be changed to 21 ms in case 14 ms is too fast for the servos in the model.




Quick conversion


If you wish to continue to use your old stock of receivers exploiting conventional FM technology (PPM, M-PCM), that presents no problems: the ROYAL SX M-LINK can be converted in less than a minute - even at the flying site. The HFM4 M-LINK 2.4 GHz RF module with 2.4 GHz aerial is simply swapped for the existing FM RF module, and the long telescopic transmitter aerial replaced.




Graphic LCD screen


• 132 x 64 pixels, clearly arranged display of all information


• Screen contrast variable in a menu


• UV-stable, low-reflection


• Hinged (angle of inclination 0° / 20° / 40°)


• Optimum angle of view for every application!




Comprehensive basic equipment, all controls easily accessible


• Two 2-position switches


• Two 3-position switches


• Two 3-position switches, side-mounted


• Two side-mounted push-buttons




Precision stick units


• Ballraced


• Ratchet / friction brake, easily activated on either stick (for throttle, spoiler or collective pitch)


• Variable spring tension (stick centring)


• Ergonomic adjustment possible by swivelling the whole stick unit through max. 15° (thumb follows its natural arc of movement when the transmitter is hand-held)




Clearly arranged keypad with eleven buttons


• Direct access to the six main menus (top row of buttons)


• Bottom row of buttons for selection of menu points, altering and confirming inputs, etc.




Multi-function socket (back panel)


• Transmitter battery charging


• Trainer lead socket


• PC interface for data transfer (data back-up, firmware update)


• PC interface for flight simulators




Two 3D digi-adjusters


• Fast, convenient adjustments


• Settings can be adjusted in flight




Two sliders


• For proportional control functions


• With ratchet and centre detent




Digital trims


• Ergonomically optimised arrangement


• On-screen graphic trim position display


• User-variable trim increment (0.5 - 1.5 - 2.5 - 3.5%)


• Automatic storing of trim position




- Switching the transmitter off


- Switching model memory


- Switching the flight phase (flight phase specific trim)




PERMABATT+ 2100 mAh transmitter battery installed


For extra-long operating time (> 25 hours)




Retro-fit options:


• On/Off switch # 7 5748, (positions ""P"", ""K"")


• 2-position or 3-position switch or push-button in the aluminium stick top




Set contents


Transmitter (yellow) with 9 channels, HFM4 M-LINK 2.4 GHz HF module, RX-9-DR M-LINK receiver, PERMABATT+ 6/2100 mAh NiMH transmitter battery, Charge lead





ROYAL SX:           9 / 16

Channel count: 9 / 16

Model memories:           28 / 36

Frequency band:             2.4 GHz

Transmission mode:      M-LINK (FHSS)

Power supply:  6 cells / 2100 mAh / NiMH / Permabatt+

Operating time:               > 24 h

Weight:               approx. 900 g (with battery)

Case dimensions (L x W x H):     approx. 220 x 200 x 60 mm

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