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S3172SV servo

S3172SV servo


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HV S.BUS variant of the proven S3150 digital servos.

With the tremendous torque of 45 Ncm only 10.8 mm 'thickness'.


This rugged surface servo has a 5-speed transmission with 4 metal gears, with 2 ball bearings, the output gear excellently supported against centrifugal forces.

Wide voltage range of 6 - 8.4 volts.


Of course, all S.BUS servos can be connected to receiver with conventional PWM modulation.

Addressing the servos can be done in several ways:

First About the S.BUS receiver

Second With the handy programmer SBC-1 no. R1-F1696

Third About the S-Link software, this USB adapter CIU-2, no. R1-F1405 required.

4th On S.BUS connect the transmitter T18MZ


In addition, all S.BUS servos are programmable.

The following functions can be set:

• S.BUS channel assignment

• Servo reverse

• servo type, normal - Retracts

• Soft start, on-off

• Mode selection of signal failure or Free Hold

• Soft Servo drive, on-off

• servo position (servo tester)

• Servo center adjustment + / - 300 Ä©S (about 30 degrees)

• servo speed, 0.39 ... 9 seconds per 45 degrees

• Dead band setting

• travel adjustment separated left and right, about 50 .. 175%

• Starting Power

• Damping

• Holding force

• ID-storage




Dimensions: 30 x 10.8 x 29 mm

Servo speed / 0.22s/45 ° / 0.195s/45 ° / 0.170 s/45 °

Voltage Rating: / 6Volt/6.6Volt/7.40Volt

Moment of force: / 37Ncm/41Ncm/45Ncm

Weight: 20.4 g

Temperature range: -15 ... +55 ° C

Cell count: 5 NiMH, 2S LiFe / LiPo

Operating voltage: 6 .. 7.4 volts

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