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Product Description


Span : 2500mm

Length : 2250mm

Weight : 14-16kg

Turbine : 140-180 N



One of the most successful Sport Jets ever. CARF-Models is bringing this great flying plane back, with a lot of refinements, and most importantly, ARF and painted in the molds. The Skygate Viper always was the best flying, the strongest, and in terms of aerobatic competitions, the most successful ViperJet out there. CARF will take on the challenge, currently making all new molds from a refined plug. We will be ready to paint these beauties in the molds, increase prefabrication to Flash- or Lightning level. Besides a number of standard schemes, CARF is going to offer full customizing options. Not only color swaps, but fully individual custom schemes will be made to order, as we do with other sport jets of our range of models.

The Viper is a highly prefabricated kit, truly ARF, and well engineered. It has proven for many years to be a robust jet, competing at the highest level in aerobatic contests around the world. Some of the features, which make the CARF version even more unique:

  • full sandwich two-part fuselage for easy shipping, which can be permanently glued removably bolted.
  • removable rudder fin with a rudder on hinge pin
  • Composite wing with straight wing tips, ailerons and huge flaps on elastic flaps
  • Large stab with readily installed and aligned stab tube, elevator elastic flap
  • Huge canopy with elements for a vacuum formed cockpit included, with the option to make a very detailed scale cockpit with aftermarket parts
  • Landing gear mounts for the proven Airtech gear installed
  • All ducting and thrust tube included
  • Painted in the mold in standard schemes or fully customized

Flying the ViperJet is a great experience. Great slow flight characteristics and capable of fast fly bys straight like an arrow. Neutral roll performance, and strong enough to survive a snaproll, too. The ground handling is great due to the wide trailing link gear, and the wheels are large enough to handle well on grass runways.Yes, there are quite some Vipers out there. But Skygate is the most sold, most proven and strongest one, now available in the legendary CARF construction, backed by the CARF spare parts policy and after sales service.

So, if you are shopping for a Viper in the 160 N engine class, consider the CARF/Skygate Viper your best choice


The Sport Scheme is a very nice basic design with black and white, and one color. We have picked Magenta, Green and Blue so far, but it can be swapped with any color you’d like. Contact us if you are interested in a Color Swap, therefore, please pick the "Custom Scheme" option into your Shopping cart / Wishlist. You can also replace the single color bottom wing/stab with each 6 large chequers (against a surcharge).

This Sport Scheme, no matter what color you choose, will represent well in the sky and on the ground.

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Additional Information

SKU CARF153000
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