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SMART SX M-LINK Set, Mode 1+3, 2,4 GHz

SMART SX M-LINK Set, Mode 1+3, 2,4 GHz
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The SMART SX M-LINK is a compact, intelligent sixchannel beginner’s radio control system incorporating a series of amazing features, some of them patented:
• Intelligent, patented model identification system
• IOAT: new, patented aerial technology: transmitter range up to 2000 metres under optimum environmental conditions; optimised transmit direction (no radio waves to the rear); aerial integrated into transmitter case
• Can be implemented for virtually all available RC models
• 150 models can be operated without interference
• Long operating time - up to 25 hours
If an M-LINK ID receiver is installed, the transmitter automatically identifies the model, and activates the corresponding settings from its substantial bank of model
memories (30). The proven M-LINK 2.4 GHz transmission system guarantees full-range operation. As you would expect, the SMART SX can also be operated with any other M-LINK receiver.
All compatible MULTIPLEX ELAPOR® models - RTF to RR+ versions - are programmed in as standard. Since the transmitter is so straightforward to operate, it is child’s play to set up the system to control almost any other model from a vast range of manufacturers. The transmitter even stores the model’s final trim positions.
Five fully proportional channels are available:
Elevator, rudder, throttle, two aileron and one auxiliary switched channel, located on the power trim switch.
SMART SX M-LINK transmitter, RX-5 M-LINK ID 1 receiver, 3 x AA dry cells, instructions.
Model identification
Digital trims
Long operating time (3 x AA) (up to 25 hours)
Can be updated via integral interface (USB lead and MPX Launcher)
Ergonomically efficient: light, compact, designed for hand-holding
Audible feedback buzzer: trim, Dual-Rate, model select, transmitter battery, range-check
IOAT (Integrated Optimized Antenna Technology)
Can be updated via integral interface (USB lead and MPX Launcher)
Trainer mode capability (wireless system) using M-LINK Trainer stick (for use with all Teacher-capable MPX transmitters with multi-function socket) or Trainer module (PROFI TX)

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SKU MPX15300
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