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Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV System with Goggles



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Product Description


Ultra Micro FPV System with Headset (SPMVS1100)


Key Features :

All-in-one convenience

Perfect for ultra micro aircraft

Spektrum VA1100 Ultra Micro FPV camera

Fat Shark Teleporter V4 FPV headset with digital head tracking

Spironet RHCP antenna

760mAh 7.4V LiPo headset battery with charger

Y-harness camera power connector and lens cloth

Will not interfere with 2.4GHz RC transmitters

No FCC license required when VA1100 camera is used


Overview :

Used to be, if you wanted to experience FPV (First Person View) flight, you had to piece together a system yourself. Once you did, you then had to figure out how to make everything work together. The Spektrum™ VS1100 Ultra Micro FPV System eliminates all the guesswork by giving you everything you need in one box. Camera, headset, batteries, charger - it’s all there, all compatible and can be ready to go in minutes.


Spektrum VA1100 Ultra Micro FPV Camera

This amazing bit of Spektrum technology combines an FPV camera, transmitter and antenna in a single unit no bigger than a thimble. Installation is easy and can be done in seconds. No soldering or special skills are required. You simply attach it to your model and plug in a 1S battery (sold separately). A Y-harness connector is included if you want to eliminate the weight of a separate battery and power the camera with the same 1S flight battery that powers the aircraft.


Signal range suitable for ultra micro aircraft

Compatible with 5.8GHz Fat Shark headsets

Requires 1S LiPo battery, sold separately

Powered separately or by aircraft battery

No 2.4GHz RC interference

No FCC license required

Installs in seconds


This headset accepts a diopter insert to accommodate those who wear glasses. The Headset Diopter Insert Kit includes one pair each of Diopter inserts rated -2, -4, and -6 dpt.


Fat Shark Teleporter V4 FPV Headset

Developed exclusively for Horizon Hobby by Fat Shark, the Teleporter V4 headset is easily one of the best values in FPV fun. It’s compatible with all Spektrum and Fat Shark 5.8GHz FPV cameras and features:

QVGA 320 x 240 LCD displays

5.8GHz wireless receiver

Spironet RHCP antenna

Digital head tracking for Spektrum FPV cameras

Trainer link head tracking for gimbal controlled cameras

760mAh 7.4V LiPo battery with charger

Lens cloth


Digital Head Tracking - A Horizon Hobby Exclusive

One of the coolest features of the Teleporter V4 headset is digital head tracking. Digital head tracking lets you look around the environment your model is flying through without the extra weight and complexity of a mechanical camera gimbal. Special sensors and software in the headset allow you to pan and tilt your field of view using the fixed-position VA1100 camera that’s included. It’s just one more way this Spektrum FPV system lets you have more fun with fewer hassles.


NOTICE: The VR1100 headset has provisions for an optional diopter insert which comes in a pack of -2,-4, and -6 rated lenses (FSV1805). Some people who require a positive prescription have no problem seeing the screens, but we have received reports from some users who require a positive prescription and faced difficulties seeing the screens. You cannot wear glasses with the headset, so if you require a specialized or positive prescription lens, consider either contact lenses, or consult your optician for a quote on a custom lens insert to suit your requirements before purchase.

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