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Spitfire (silver) full composite kit

Spitfire (silver) full composite kit


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Like most of our fully detailed scale kits, we offer you an all-silver version to be the perfect base for a perfect finish.

Just put the colors you want over the silver coating and then beginn to scratch all the edges and pits through the paint, so that the silver base color will appear and give you a perfect illusion of a full-aluminum airframe.

After that, the weathering using airbrush techniques or all the other tricks of scale modelers will turn your airplane into a beauty.

We prepared the perfect base for you - the all-silver Spitfire has a fully detailed "museum scale" surface.

The CARF-Models Spitfire Mk IX features a lot of design details which make building and flying enjoyable and successful:

  • The fuselage is made in total area vacuum sandwich (TAVS), is therefore extremely light. This takes care of the CG problem, which the the old FiberClassics model was known for.

  • An engine dome is now moulded in, as well as an air cooling channel, so that any 50-80 cc single cylinder can be mounted without huge standoffs or support boxes. Still an inline engine can be mounted after this motordome is cut shorter.

  • The two-part wing is joined with a high quality alloy tube. It is already mounted and aligned to the fuselage, formers and nuts, holes and bolts are readily installed. A recess to give room for a canister muffler is moulded into the top center of the wing.

  • Flaps are of split flap type, skin hinged and ready to work. Ailerons are pin-hinged and readily installed.

  • The stab is one piece, to save further weight in the tail. It will be slid into a readily milled slot from the back and aligned and glued by the customer. Since it is, typically for a Spitfire, quite small, it is not a huge burden for transport or storage. Elevator and rudder is pin hinged, hinge posts and pin bearings are factory installed.

  • The cowling got a bit lengthened, so that it matches the Mark IX version, last but not least for one reason: Get the nose longer and ease the CG position even more.

  • Of course, additional scale accessories such as dummy exhaust stacks, spinner, dummy scale propeller are available, as well as a state-of-the-art CNC-milled landing gear, scale wheels and a light weight tail gear.

span : 2580mm

length : 2240mm

weight : 15-17 kg

motor : 50-85cc

servo's : 8-10 middle - high class servo's (+/- 10 kg at least)

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Additional Information

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