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PLC remote control switch actuator

operable by remote control switch actuator for switching on or off of SPS SafetyPowerSwitch switch modules. The parallel operation with the SPS magnetic switch actuator (. Item number A72020) and the SPS pin switch actuator (. Item number A72025) is also possible - by the double security arises.

The switching thresholds (in the range -200% to + 200%) can easily be programmed. Programmable failsafe function, the PLC shuts down on missing or incorrect receiver signals.


The PLC RCS can be used only when the receiver is powered by a separate power supply.The operation of the PLC RCS BEC via an internal motor of the plate is not possible.


Earlier versions of the PLC remote control switch actuator can not be used on high-speed channels (<10ms). For systems that provide only high-speed channels (z. B. Robbe T-18 in 12-channel mode), the old version of PLC remote control switch actuator is unsuitable. When using, inter alia, this system may be a SID servo Impulse Delay module (Item No. A18090) are connected between the receiver and PLC Fernsteuerschaltgber. Thus, the distance of the servo pulses is increased to 20 milliseconds. The next batch of PLC remote control switch actuator is modified accordingly. The new modules can then be operated at high-speed channels.

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