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SPS SafetyPowerswitch 60V 60/120A blue led

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Product Description


SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 34V 60/120A

Product description and features

Electronic safety power switch for electric power systems. An anti-flash-circuitry prevents the sparks during connecting the battery.

The SPS SafetyPowerSwitch separates the motor from the battery. The electric motor drive remains inactive and therefore non hazardous until activation.

For 2S up to 8S LiPo batteries (6V to 34V). 60A continuous current and 120A peak current - perfectly suitable for electric gliders, motor models and helicopters.

Connection cable

Battery and controller side: 2 AWG11 silicone connection cables each.

Delivery contents

1 SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 34V 60/120A, 1 switch actuator of own choice, 1 quick reference guide.

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