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Spyder 6 1000mm Multirotor kit X6/X12

Spyder 6 1000mm Multirotor kit X6/X12
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With the latest Sky Hero Spyder 6, it simply doesn't get much more crazy with this massive payload monster. With alien like looks, the Spyder 6 is destined to leave people in awe, but looks alone are a small factor of what this aircraft is truly capable of.
The Spyder 6 is a radical hexacopter platform, capable of being transformed into a (12) motor medusa for the most insane in heavy lift capability. With the correct motor / prop combination, the Spyder 6 can lift up to a 9Kg payload, allowing a "sky's the limit" approach to whatever application this platform can adapt to.
Outfitted with massive 30mm carbon fiber booms for the ultimate in strength & rigidity, the Spyder 6 has the capability of folding up into a compact platform, allowing the end user to transport and store this beast with little to no effort at all. 
For multi rotor payload capacity, the Spyder 6 is the option that sets the bar, and with Sky Hero quality, you can hardly go wrong with this amazing heavy lift machine.
Sky Hero Spyder 6 Kit (Assembly Required - Canopy Optional)
* Hexa 6 / Hex 12 Layout Options
* Up to 9Kg Payload Capacity
* High Quality Carbon Fiber Construction
* New "Inertic" Design w/ Integrated Landing Gear System
* Massive 30mm Carbon Fiber Arms
* No Tools Folding Capability for Ease of Storage & Transport
* No Tools Quick Release Dual Long Landing Gear System
* Keyed Motor Holders for No Slip Setup
Size: 1000mm
Payload Capacity: Up to 9Kg 

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Additional Information

SKU SKH00601
Brand Sky-Hero
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