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Stinson Reliant PNP

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Product Description


Stinson SR-10 1.3m PNP (PKZ5275)


Key Features

Ready to fly in minutes with full 4-channel control

Aileron, elevator and rudder servos installed

Hardware and molded servo pocket for easy flap installation

Powerful 480-size, 960Kv brushless outrunner motor, installed

E-flite 30A Pro Switch-Mode ESC, installed

Durable and lightweight Z-Foam™ construction

Large, easy-access battery hatch

Suitable for 3S 11.1V LiPo battery packs from 1800-2200mAh


Needed to Complete :

Minimum 4 Channel Radio System (5 Channels for Optional Flaps)

3S 11.1V 1800-2200mAh Li-Po Battery

Suitable Charger



The exceptional scale outline and intricate details ParkZone® developers have designed into the Stinson SR-10 Reliant 1.3m are every bit as good as anything you might build yourself. Molded wing ribbing, a simulated radial engine, accurately modeled struts, cowl blisters and wheel pants are just the highlights of the scale detail included.

First introduced in 1938, the Stinson SR-10 is as much a work of art as a work of engineering. The combination of its graceful lines and unique wing shape give you the sense it's reaching for the sky even when it's parked on the ramp. ParkZone developers have expertly modeled this aviation classic to give you a civilian scale experience unlike anything else. It comes out of the box loaded with scale details like an authentic paint scheme and markings, molded ribbing in the wings, a simulated radial engine, accurately modeled landing gear and much more. A robust brushless motor system provides plenty of power for everything from half-throttle cruising to full-throttle sport aerobatics. You also have the option of adding flaps. And it will do it all with the same smooth sport flying manners you've come to expect from a ParkZone plane.

Scale Detail

The exceptional scale outline and intricate are every bit as good as anything you might build for yourself. Molded ribbing in the wing, a simulated radial engine, accurately modeled struts, cowl and wheel pants-you get it all along with the super smooth flying manners you have come to expect from a ParkZone plane.

Brushless Outrunner Power System

This high-output 480-Size brushless outrunner motor delivers plenty of speed and vertical performance for exploring a wide range of sport maneuvers. An E-flite 30-amp ESC with a switch-mode BEC cleanly channels power from the battery to the motor.

Durable Construction

The Stinson SR-10 Reliant is constructed of tough Z-Foam material. This contributes to the model’s light wing loading and superb slow speed flying characteristics. The aluminum landing gear and large wheels are designed to handle all kinds of abuse.

Plug-N-Play Finish

The Plug-N-Play® completion level means that the ideal motor system and servos you need to enjoy the full potential of the Stinson SR-10 are already installed. All you have to do is perform the final glue-free assembly, and connect your favorite full-range, 4+ channel radio system. In fact, most pilots can have this model flight-ready in the time it takes to install a receiver and charge a battery.


CG (Center of Gravity):

55-65mm from wing root


Sold Separately

Completion Level:



Yes (Included Option)

Flying Weight:

41.9 oz (1190g)


33.5 in (850mm)



Minimum Required Radio:

4+ Channel, 5+ Channel with Flaps

Minimum Speed Control:

30A Pro Brushless ESC (included)

Motor Size:

BL480, 960Kv brushless outrunner (included)

Propeller Size:

9.5 x 7.5

Recommended Motor Battery:

3S 11.1V 1800–2200mAh LiPo battery (Sold Separately)


49.6 in (1260mm)

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