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Tom Pilot ARTF

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OPALE Pilot TOM ARTF   (OP14304)

With its significant size 70cm (scale 1/2.5), the last born of the Opale Paramodels pilots range is a true masterpiece of engineering.

A concentrate of emerging technologies

With our experience and our pioneer expertise in the field, we noticed that it was obvious according to the pilot's size, to start its development from the ground. The mechanical constraints, the resistance of the materials, the pilot behaviour are taking a whole new dimension when you have to handle a 5m (16.4ft) wingspan wing.
Therefore, Opale Paramodels has especially developed a fully flexible body articulated like a human skeleton, allowing the absorption of crashs, but also in order to reach a breathtaking flying realism. The legs, the arms, and also the head can twist and articulate during an impact with the ground, allowing this way, to prevent the pilot and the electronics from dammages.
The pilot is made of composit materials from the aeronautic industries, pledge of quality, durability and lightness.

Real or reduced model ?

Tom is a high scale premium model. It will be impossible for you and your friends not to confuse it with a real paraglider or a paramotor when this one is 50 meters above you.

The Kingair Evo, a harness full of surprises:

This pilot so highly detailed requires a harness with the same quality standards. Therefore to provide the highest pilot flexibility, a new geometry was developed.
None of the straps have to be put on. All the straps can easily be unclipped with a single pressure and that's make the installation of Tom a lot easier, only in few seconds.
A compartment entirely removable is located under the pilot’s legs allowing you to carry up to 5kg of ballast and keeping an optimal gravity point.
In the dorsal compartment, you can carry up to 2 6S 6000mAh and benefit of an astonishing flight time. Another inner pocket allows to quickly put on the Trike XL fixation kit as much as the Backpack XL, this way you will quickly turn your pilot Tom into a RC paramotor god.
A frontal dedicated pocket allows to easily grab the harness for a manual take off. And that’s not all, to increase the realism, a rescue parachute handle and 2 brake handles, very similar to the legitimate ones, are also provided.

By choosing this pilot, you will slide into another dimension, where the reduced model has never been so close from the reality.







PU Resin / Nylon PU / G10

Servomotors (pilot's arms):

2x ( servos (size: 66x30x60mm / 2.6x1.2x2.4in)

Servomotors (for Speedbar system):

2x ( servos (size : 40x20x40mm / 1.6x0.8x1.6in)  

Empty mass:

2.25kg / 5lb

Maximal mass:

10kg / 22lb


5 to 6m wingspan wings

Trike XL / Backpack XL

Included :

1 x pilot Tom frame

1 x flight suit

1 x Kingair Evo harness

1 x hardware and accessories kit

1 kg of ballast


Coating foam

Trike XL fixation kit

2 x 10kg/cm (139oz/in) servomotors (for speedbar option)

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