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Tomahawk Pyrobubbles Lipo bag small 0.7L

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Product Description


Tomahawk Lipo Pyrobubbles® is based on a certified storge system for Lipo batteries. It uses the material Pyrobubbles®, small crumps of Siliziumdioxid. The material picks up the liquids of a Lipo batteries in case of a thermal runaway and cools the battery down so that it does not catch fire.

This large PE bag has the dimension of 225x145x20mm and a volume of 0,7l. It is ideal for a basic fill of existing containers and boxes at your shop. This SKU has 50bags. It comes with all our containers as standard.

Pyrobubbles® and LionGuard® are regustered trademarks of Genius Technologie GmbH

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