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The MDM-1 FOX is a two-seater aerobatics legend on the sailor's sky, in the man-bearing as well as in the model building sector. There are good reasons for this, because the machine was developed for uncompromising aerobatics and offers a lot of possibilities for expansion (EDF or turbine drive). The potential of FOX is far-reaching!

The in the form varnished full-Gfk kit offers all conditions for this and has received numerous CfK reinforcements tested and tested by us.

We have deliberately chosen the 1:4 scale in order to provide you with a compact, thoroughbred aerobatic glider with the flight characteristics of a large model. This is why we have deliberately chosen a 4-leaf wing to give you the possibility to warp the profile and adjust it to the flight conditions, as well as to increase the manoeuvrability around the longitudinal axis in aerobatics.

The surface mating consists of a 18x1mm aluminium tube with an internal solid carbon fibre rod. The supplied parts of the cockpit even allow a model-like disassembly at your own discretion.

The flight characteristics can be classified as extremely good-natured. The FOX flies on rails in every situation, even in aerobatics it reacts agile and dynamic.

For landing with little headwind, the butterfly position can be used as a brake before the 100mm main wheel is mounted.

The kit contains all small parts necessary for the construction, such as linkage, fork and ball heads, rudder horns, rope linkages, screws, wheels, etc.

If you are afraid to build such a model as the MDM-1 FOX in ARF, you should take a closer look at the PNP version. After just a few hours of final assembly, it is ready to fly.


  • Wing and tailplane in GFK shell construction with CFRP reinforcements
  • GFK fuselage with CFK reinforcements
  • model finished in the mold painted
  • Wing can be plugged in with aluminium CFRP rod
  • ailerons, flaps and elevators as elastic flaps, rudder as concave throat
  • Wing profile: HQ/W 2,5/11
  • Tailplane profile: NACA 0010

RC functions:

  • rudder
  • elevator elevator
  • aileron
  • flaps

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