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Twinstar II kit plus Brushless

Twinstar II kit plus Brushless
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Product Description


For many pilots it is unthinkable not to have a TwinStar II in the hangar.
With the new brushless power set the TwinStar II has a very generous power reserve: for all kinds of aerobatics and as a club trainer, offering loads of pleasure to the many beginners and giving them that feeling of success in no time at all; as an aerobatic trainer for experienced pilots to enjoy low-level circles, getting lower and lower until one wing brushes the ground.
Rolls, loops, the occasional stunt, and accurate spot-landings - the TwinStar II BL can manage all that. Enjoy the power and the sound of the two high-performance brushless motors on a low pass. A fascinating experience!

  • Very easy to fly - the perfect aileron trainer
  • The kit includes an electrical connector board for fast, reliable connections when rigging and de-rigging at the flying site
  • Unmistakable "twin” sound
  • Robust ELAPOR® construction
  • Two-part wings for ease of transport
  • Simple, accurate construction (no wooden parts)
  • Brushless motors offer ample power reserves - more than 1.2 kg of thrust!This makes the TwinStar II BL capable of taking off from grass, even without an undercarriage!
  • Aluminium motor mount


Specifications :


Wingspan: 1420 mm
Overall length: 1085 mm
All-up weight: approx. 1300 g
Total surface area: 43 dm²
Wing loading: approx. 35 g/dm²
Power system: 2 x BL motors
RC functions: aileron, rudder, elevator, throttle

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Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU MPX264208
Brand Multiplex
planetype Trainers
spanwidth 1000-1500mm span
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