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YS-S4 multirotor controller

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Zero UAV YS-4S flightcontroller

ZERO TECH adheres to continuous innovation and improvement. With the new firmware, new attitude stabilization algorithm and optimized hardware structure, the YS-S4 provides better flight performance. The innovative MINI All-in-one design not just simplifies installation but also saves space and weight. With its built-in inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometer, it can measures flying altitude and attitude for autopilot/automatic control precisely. Its compact size make it easy to fit any frame.
• Multiple flight control Mode
  Manual Stabilization Mode, GPS Attitude Mode (Auto Hover /Auto Navigation /Auto Go Home/Landing), 
• Intelligent Motor Arm/Disarm features
• Built-in Vibration Damper
• Supports Camera Gimbal Stabilization
• Online firmware update
• Fail Safe (Auto Hover -> Go Home -> Auto Land)
• Low Voltage vibration Alert (WIFI Module required)
• Support Smartphone control (WIFI Module required)
• Remote Gain Adjustment (WIFI Module required)
• Support WIFI function (WIFI Module required)
• Easy to see LEDs to indicate status
Hovering position accuracy (GPS mode): Vertical: ± 1m; Horizontal: ± 2m
Max Level Speed: < 10.2m/s 
Max Tilt Angle: 35°C
Max Ascent/Descent Speed: <5m/s                                         
Map: Google 3-D GIS
GCS Software (Optional WIFI) 
Supported Multi Rotor Types : Quad-Rotor: +4, x4; Hexa-Rotor +6, x6  
Supported ESC output: 400Hz refresh frequency PWM
Recommended Battery: 3S~6S LiPo
Power Consumption: 1W
Operating Temperature: -5°C to +60°C
MC: 32g  GPS: 37g
MC: 46mm * 42mm * 19mm
GPS: 55mm(diameter) *11mm
LED: 18mm * 18mm * 7mm

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