YUKI MODEL activateur pour cyano 200ml aerosol

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YUKI MODEL activator voor super glue 200ml

Ref. 650006

The activator is a curing accelerator for all cyanoacrylate-based (CA) instant adhesives. The aerosol from the spray can was designed for rapid curing of large adhesive layers, when bonding inactive materials or under otherwise unfavourable processing conditions, such as dry air or cold. The activator is suitable for use in conjunction with Styropor and Styrodur, but also all rigid foams used in model making, such as Arcel, Elapor, Solidpor, Hypodur, Z-Foam, Depron, Selitron, EPO, EPP and EPS.


  • Areas of application
  • High viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • Large adhesive layers
  • Absorbent and porous surfaces
  • alkaline surfaces (galvanised metal parts etc.)
  • Low temperatures
  • Low humidity (< 30 %)



The recommended application temperature is +10 °C to +30 °C. Shake the can briefly before use. To achieve a smooth surface, a sufficient spraying distance of approx. 30 cm should be maintained. There are two application possibilities. Before bonding: Apply the spray on one side, allow to flash off briefly and apply the superglue to the non-pretreated surface. Then quickly join the parts and allow the adhesive to cure. After bonding: Spray the adhesive directly and allow to cure.


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Manufacturer Yuki model
Référence d'article YM650006