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Dolphin pro 86" jet turbine ready color 05

Dolphin pro 86" jet turbine ready color 05
Réf.: PILOT059C05

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Dolphin pro jet turbine ready color 05 

The Pilot RC Dolphin jet trainer 78” wingspan


The Dolphin is a full wood construction Jet trainer made for 8-12kg turbines

We only have the sport wing version as this version already flies very easy

With 30-45° flap it can take off on only 50 meters and lands very slow and easy


There’s a version with retracts installed, these are air retracts with brakes and electronic valve

And are installed completely with couplers etc.


The Turbine ready version comes with retracts, powermanagment and all servos (PY-20AL) installed.

Just add a turbine, receiver and 2 lipo batteries (+ a lipo for the turbine) and fly !



• Balsa wood and Oracover(Ultracote) covering construction

• Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spar. 

• Two pieces wing. 

• Aluminum tube for stabilizer.

• Removable stabilizer.

• Factory preinstall hinges

• Super light and strong

• One servo for each flap , one servo for each aileron,one servo for each elevator,  one servos for rudder. one servo for front wheel.

• Dual wall tail pipe for 8-12kg turbine included.

• Strong pneumatic retract landing gear with air brake, air tube, brake valve, retract valve and all air kits accessories.

• Removable SFG included

• Standard wing is design for jet beginner, easy to fly and land

• Option for Navigation LED lights with programmer and Wiring

• Option wing special design for sport flying. more sharp airfoil and more fast speed. you can use the same fuselage with two kind of wing.

• We offer TR(turbine ready) version : airframe with tail pipe, pneumatic retract landing gear with brake, 8pcs Pilot-RC PY-20AL servos, Three way Electronic Pneumatic for retract and brake valves, servo extension wire. preinstall the above items in factory.



78 in(2m) sport wing version

Wing Area: 

1274 sq in(8220sq cm) for trainer wing

Fuselage length: 

86 in(2.1M)


24 lbs(10.88kg)


8-14kg turbine


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Informations complémentaires

Réf. PILOT059C05
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