DJI Care Refresh for Mavic Air

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For a small additional charge, DJI Care Refresh offers up to two replacement units within one year. Each time you request a replacement, you’ll receive a replacement unit that is new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.

If you are purchasing DJI Care Refresh separately for a previously purchased DJI product, DJI Care Refresh will be activated automatically within 24 hours. Your service agreement will be sent to you via email.

If you purchase DJI Care Refresh with a brand-new product, DJI Care Refresh will be valid automatically from two days after product shipment.

  • Brand-new and unactivated product
  • Activated less than 48 hours
  • Product approved via video verification
  • Repaired in an official DJI Service Center (within 72 hours of receiving email invitation)



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Manufacturer DJI Innovations
Référence d'article DJIREFRMAVAIR
Marque DJI Innovations