Beta 1400 Ready to fly 2.4Ghz Mode 2 (Radiolink radio)

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Beta 1400 - beginner plane (1.4m wingspan)

RTF Version


Entering the world of model flying in a budget-friendly way!

This Beta 1400 motor glider was designed by the Czech company Pelikan with the aim of offering a budget-friendly entry-level aircraft. The plane looks nice, has typical characteristics of a beginner's model and thanks to its 1.4 metre wingspan, it can withstand a strong wind breeze. 


Why is the Beta 1400 so suitable for beginners?


Safe & durable design

The choice of hard polystyrene foam makes this plane a sturdy unit that can take a few things. The push-propeller located at the back also makes it safe to use. The propeller is far away from where you touch the plane with your hands, for example when changing the battery. Ideal, also for the younger pilots among us!


Ideal flight characteristics for beginners

Pleasant and calm flight behaviour: a must for beginners. The Beta 1400 is made for it! You will learn how to operate it both with and without the engine. With the throttle closed, it flies like a real glider. The included (and preinstalled) motor provides a pleasant power to master motorised flying as well.


Long flying pleasure

The Beta 1400 is equipped with ailerons, elevator and rudder, the three most important RC functions that you need to master, and of course the motor. So there is always a part you can focus on to master this fun plane. It also serves as a stepping stone to the next plane and motivates you to take further steps into the adventurous world of flying.


Ease of use

You don't need any special tools or glue to build this toy! Assembly and disassembly before and after your flight is also done in a jiffy, so you can easily take your model anywhere. Room left in the car on your way to holiday? Quickly take your Beta 1400 with you!


Are there any additional requirements?

RTF : this 'Ready To Fly' package contains EVERYTHING you need to learn how to fly: the plane with all parts/electronics pre-installed, a charger, a battery and transmitter (remote control).


Aerobertics Tips: good to know

  • Buy an extra battery (or two) to make the most of your free time; that way, you can already charge the other battery while you continue to fly! You will always find correct recommended accessories on the right side of the product page.

Note: if you buy an extra Spektrum Smart Battery for this Beta 1400, you will need the adapter cable Deans --> EC3, as presented in the related products.

  • If you want to charge your batteries faster than with the standard charger (RTF version), you should buy a separate charger. These can be found from €44.95 and are a must if you have several planes in your fleet later. Charging is also best done in a LiPo Safe Bag, safety first!
  • A LiPo Tester is also a must-have tool for model airline pilots. It allows you to measure before or after your flight how much battery charge you have left. This way, you avoid taking off with an empty battery or flying with a too empty battery.
  • Something broken by accident? No problem. The foam is usually easy to glue with the appropriate glue, and all parts of the aircraft are available separately. So there is always a solution and we like to help!


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions (e-mail, Facebook, phone...) or be welcome to visit our 800m² shop with showroom in Bruges! Follow our social media channels to stay informed about the latest news at Aerobertics / Start2RC!


  • Wingspan [mm]: 1420
  • Lenght [mm]: 940
  • Weight [g]: 650 - 720
  • Wing Area [dm2]: 24.5
  • RC Control: Rudd,Elev,Ail,Mot
  • Difficuilty of piloting: Easy / beginner


Plus d'infos
Manufacturer Pelikan
Référence d'article 4ST1480M2RL
Envergure (mm) 1.420,00
Version du kit Ready to fly
Type d'avion Trainers, Sport & Fun

In the box

  • Beta 1400 RTF (with all equipment pre-installed)
  • Transmitter
  • Battery
  • Charger