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Sukhoi SU-29 37% BASE full composite kit

Réf.: KRILL2010080B

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First of all look on the rudder and the ailerons. That be new standard for the version 2011.

This new parts was develop for better flying and easy set up. Airplane flying now much more clear and easy. Rools and snaps is exact and perfects. You don´t need any differential ailerons control.

The rudder have much better efficiency in slow flight and his shape use "airbrake system" too.

So, few things to point out.....

  • New and very practical servo installation for ailerons. No more ugly screws to look at and no more open bays.
  • New hinge, preventing ailerons delaminating.
  • New internal structure in the wings, 2 main spars! Wings are very solid and light. Aluminum wing tube 45/1mm.
  • Carbon fiber motor dome.


And as always, a large open area in fuselage, when you remove canopy!

Easy access to everything for easy maintenance and quick check up before flight. 

High prefabrication and perfect workmanship of this ARF!

  • Canopy and cowl already installed!
  • Pre drilled aluminum landing gear.
  • Fuel and smoke tank floor already installed.
  • Slots for control horns are cut.


We have managed to cut down time needed to complete this airplane and you should be able to have airplane ready to fly in less then 30 hours.

Not bad, right?

Kit includes:

composite parts:  fuselage, canopy frame with silver canopy, cowl, rudder,elevator,wings,wheel pants.

accessories: aluminum wing tube 45/1mm, stab tube 22/1.5mm,aluminum landing gear, all necessary botls and nuts, wheel axles and CNC cut control horns.

Just to mention few:

  • canopies- clear or carbon fiber
  • different shape spinners ( aluminum,silver,carbon fiber,composit)
  • ultra light wheels
  • original tail wheel for SU 29 37%
  • wing bags


Components description:

Fuselage - vacuumed fiberglass sandwich with all bulkheads in place, including tray for 4 rudder servos. Tank floor installed and tied into side longerons, which can be used to attach all necessary equipment and radio components.

Wing 2011 -  with new separately ailerons which move on the hinges of f/G. Vacuumed fiberglass sandwich. Aluminum wing tube 45/1mm, each wing panel has 3 servo bays ( JR 9711 is recommended).

Elevator - vacuumed fiberglass sandwich. Can be taken apart, hinge brass tubing is removable.Each half requires 2 servos ( JR 8711 is recommended ). Two stab tubes, 22/1 and 10/1mm.

Rudder  2011 -   new the part with "airbarke system ". Vacuumed fiberglass sandwich,also removable with brass hinge tubing from the bottom.Should make it easier for transport.Servos recommended should have combined torque at least 60kg (133 lb.)

Is available the old rudder shape too (2010) of course but on the extra order only !

Canopy/canopy frame - Alu/titanium - comes with the kit.

Carbon fiber - can be ordered at extra cost, already installed into canopy frame. Please keep this  in mind when using 2.4 Ghz - not recommended. Clear - extra cost, installed into canopy frame. Canopy frame is fitted and attached to fuselage from our factory, using M4 bolts and dowels. See pics...

Cowl - made out of fiberglass, installed from our factory, using 8 M4 bolts.Engines from 150 to 170 will fit without any problems.

Landing gear and wheel pants - aluminum, mounting and axle holes are pre drilled.Wheel pants are composite and ready for installation. See pics.

We are offering many original paint schemes, including   SEBA C, S-RACE. All are painted in the molds and all of them can be seen at COLOR SCHEMES.

Also available is BASE scheme, for those of you who would like to do your own paint scheme or just simply use stickers only.You have a choice of two colors, seen HERE. Top will be one color,bottom the other.

More information is available from our dealers or directly from us.

Packing -  two heavy duty cardboard boxes:

Fuselage 237 x 45 x 53 cm
Wings145 x 90 x 14 cm
Total shipping weight is 20kg ( 44lbs)

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Informations complémentaires

Réf. KRILL2010080B
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