Jet-Flex 90/1200

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The Jet Flex 90/1200 is aretract ductec fan for gliders up to about 15 Kg take-off weight.

The name Jet-Flex stands for jetfeeling and flexible extension height. The infinitely variable mechanics, the slim installation dimensions and the powerful impeller, make the Jet-Flex flexible for many models. 

With the Jet-Flex extension mechanism, they make your glider model capable of being launched on their own.

Both for spectacular aerobatics, high speed and thermal flight, they are equipped with Jet-Flex in the shortest possible time at the desired output level.
The ductec fan can be moved in and out of the aircraft during flight. For this, it requires only about 2 seconds (in HV mode).

The end position suitable for your model is adjustable from the transmitter. Therefore, installation problems due to fixed access / exiting heights thanks to Jet-Flex are not an issue.
The mechanism is ball-bearing 12-fold and locked in every position.

The Jet-Flex is also designed for long-term use, in particular by means of the ESC, which is located in the air stream and is optimally cooled.

The sound in flight is similar to that of a turbine.


- Variable extension height, adjustable on the transmitter
- Extending speed under 2 seconds (in HV mode)
- Regulator in the airflow - Optimal cooling
- Mechanics 12-ball ball bearing

Technical Data Jet Flex 90/1200:

- Weight : ~ 945g inkl. Motor
- Motor Hacker E50M 3D Kv: 1200 / 10S /   78,00 A / 4,40 Kg Thrust / for gliders upto 10 Kg Take off Weight
- Motor Hacker E50M 3D Kv: 1200 / 12S / 125,00 A / 6,50 Kg Thrust / for gliders upto 15 Kg Take off Weight



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