Pichler Moteur Brushless Boost 160

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Pichler Brushless Motor Boost 160
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The Boost 160 is a 28-pole, brushless external rotor motor. It was designed by Pichler according to the latest findings and impresses with the highest quality, top performance and robustness. What many do not know: At the beginning of 2000, PICHLER was one of the pioneers on the German market who fully supported the external rotor concept and had corresponding motors in their range. The open design is trend-setting, ie the stator or the copper winding lie fully in the air flow of the propeller and are optimally cooled. Only a cool engine can deliver consistently high performance.


The practical, integrated propeller holder is precisely matched to the propeller sizes that are used in engines of this size. No additional adapters, e.g. Those that require the propellers to be bored out excessively and thus weaken them are necessary. A stable, milled 4-point mounting ring allows easy mounting in the model. An additional, large ball bearing also supports the casing of the motor bell in the rear area (bell support bearing) "bombproof", ensures absolute concentricity and prevents defects in the shaft bearings.


Area of application: - 3D flight models up to 6.0kg / - aerobatic models up to 9.0kg / - sports / trainers up to 13.0kg on 10-12s battery


Needed to complete:

  • 20x8 – 20x10 – 20x12 Propeller
  • ESC: 120A
  • 10-12s 5000-6100mAh Battery


  • 80mm outer diameter - high torque and less radial load
  • Shorter length offers better installation options
  • 28 poles = super-smooth running without jerking or dropouts
  • Large ball bearings including huge bell support bearing
  • Integrated propeller mount with 10mm shaft
  • Perfect ventilation - cooler run and more power
  • Ready-to-install with CNC-milled motor mount


  • Dimensions (mm): 80 x 68
  • Weight (g): 735
  • Shaft diameter (mm) / thread: 10.0 / M10
  • Li-Po: 10-12S
  • Ri (mOhm): 31.0
  • Io (A): 1.2
  • Revolutions per volt / min. (KV): 200
  • Max. Load (20 sec.): 75A


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Manufacturer Pichler
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  • Motor
  • CNC milled motor bracket
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