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Wingstabi-RX7 DR M-link

Wingstabi-RX7 DR M-link
Réf.: MPX55012
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Freely programmable triple-axis gyro system for all RC fixed-wing model aircraft

Every pilot dreams of having the sensation of perfect control over his model at all times. The WINGSTABI makes this possible, and ticks every possible box for beginners and pro-standard flyers alike in terms of handling, setting up and functions.


These pioneering innovations are only available from MULTIPLEX:


- The WINGSTABI makes any simple radio control set into a fully programmable RC system

- Gain (sensitivity) on all three axes can be varied separately or jointly from the transmitter

- Variation factor can be set separately for each axis

- 7 / 9 servo outputs

- The gyro function is freely assignable for each servo, i.e. the unit caters for every model application

- Four flight phases:

1. On / Off

2. Stabilisation for flying in windy conditions

3. Aerobatics and 3D flying

4.Torque-rolling (rock'n'roll at the flying site)

- Delta mixer, V-tail mixer and flap support

- Flaps can be set to amplify aileron response

- Real-time sensor diagram in the PC software


The WINGSTABI is also compatible with all current RC systems: Graupner, Futaba, M-Link, Jeti, HiTEC, Weatronic and others. The latest generation of ultra-precise triple-axis MEMS sensors ensures that the sensation of flying remains realistic even at extremely high rates of stabilisation, and the pilot never has the impression of flying a robot. The sleek case, made of anodised aircraft aluminium, can be installed in any orientation in the model. The WINGSTABI is straightforward and swift to program using a PC or an app with any Android smartphone or tablet.


Incidentally, the WINGSTABI is also available with a telemetry-capable M-M-LINK DR receiver integrated into the case. This not only saves space and weight, but also minimises potential sources of error. Enhanced security!



WINGSTABI RX-7-DR M-LINK with integral 7-channel receiver, instructions, 2 x adhesive pad, 32 x 52 mm, USB-PC-lead (UNI)

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Informations complémentaires

Réf. MPX55012
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