RC security switch

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For safe ignition of elcetric ignitors via a remote control with only 8 grams
In the development of the ignition switch was placed highest priority on safety. Unintentional triggering are thus excluded, regardless of whether they are failures or operator errors when switching on or off of the transmitter or receiver. He is ideally suited to ignite detonators from bridge. These can also be connected in multiple series and so simultaneously more igniters are triggered. A Test indicates whether the external power supply is connected and the ignition circuit is closed. The external power supply is 1.5 - 12 volts. With a jumper, the mode single-mode or multi-mode can be selected for any one-off and other additional functions.
L x W x H: 33.5 mm x 21.6 mm x 4.7 mm
Test current: <10 uA
Maximum load current (ignition): 5 A
Short circuit detection: current> 5 A; time> 0.2 sec
D delay Remote Control: 0.5 sec
Ignition delay: 1.2 seconds
Power Ignition: 9-V block (alkaline)
Alternative power supply: 1.5 - 12 Volt
Power consumption electronics: <8 mA
Number of ignition: no limit
Voltage per detonators: 2 V
Weight without cable: 8 g



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