Robart Super Stand II

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New and improved version of Robart's pit stand. The new version is sturdier and more resistant to damage. Fits "any size airplane from small gliders to giant warbirds.


Foam ends that support the aircraft or boat "Feet" that actually contact the item in the stand, these feet are covered by rubber pads to ensure no damage occurs and are also adjustable to fit any sized model Plastic tubes to connect the two foam endpieces, these allow the end pieces to slide in or out to accomodate any length model



Two foam end pieces Two plastic tubes (corregated for strength) Four rubber pads for the feet Four foam feet



Height: 28cm

Length (adjustable): 0-76cm 

Width: 28cm



Due to the foam construction, excessive contact with fuel should be avoided. Should any parts break, replacement parts are available from Robart directly for a nominal charge. 



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Manufacturer Robart
Artikel referentie AEROB145
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