Prestolith extra, fibre glass filler 250 gr

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Prestolith extra Glass Fibre Filler

Glass fibre filler with new coupling agent NT, consisting of pure, unsaturated polyester resin and fibreglass particles.

Technical data: 
Pot life at 20 °C: 4-5 minutes • density at 20 °C: 1.46 g / cm³ • temperature stability of the cured material: up to approx. 120 °C • resistant to: acids, lyes, propellants, solvents, water and de-icing salts • good grinding properties after approx. 20–30 minutes • colour: light grey

For repairing larger damaged areas which already show rust spots and which are exposed to a special mechanical stress. Suitable for GFRP, metal, wood, concrete, numerous plastics, etc.



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