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Airspeed / Vario Sensor M-link

Artikelnummer: MPX85418
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Multiplex True Air Speed Sensor for M-LINK

Artikel-Nr.: 85418


Warns against flow break

The sensor measures the actual speed against the surrounding air and warns, for example, of a flow break at too low a speed in the landing approach.


Precision Vario

This Vario-Sensor takes into account the weather and atmospheric pressure changes when it is switched on and thus operates extremely precisely.



• Measurement of the real flow velocity via damming pressure

• Measurement of current altitude via ambient pressure

• Measurement of the sink / climb rate via the additionally installed Vario- / Höhensensor

• Automatic calibration of the sensors

• Adjustable warning thresholds



True-Airspeed + VarioSensor

Prandtl pipe, 2 x connecting hose 2,5m

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Artikelnummer MPX85418
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