SBD-1 decoder 200mm

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This is the Futaba S-Bus Decoder SBD-1 - 200mm - this device is programable to access the channel not used by the WookM or Naza - Ch7->Ch16 - and allows you to connect regualr RC inputs such as the controller for a Gimbal ; the camera servo or other RC actualted devices using the spare switches and channels on your Futaba 8FG or 18MZ



3 port conventional RC system output

1 port S-Bus input with 200mm lead




1 x Futaba S-Bus decoder and 600mm with extension line Download Futaba SBD-1 software here (used with the CUI ) see CUI page for details this site



The SBC-1 channel changer to set the output for each of the three output leads



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