A2010 Ultra micro servo

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The A2010 is a digital high-performance servo for ultra micro aircraft applications and is compatible with AR6400 /AR6410 series receivers that accept the JST SHR connector (adapter included for AR6300 and AR6310 receivers that use the JST ZHR connector). Ultra micro aircraft flyers will want the A2010 digital servo for its great control surface centering, even at low voltages, and the unmatched precision it provides for aggressive 3D flight.


  • Perfect for a wide variety of aircraft applications
  • Improved centering, flight performance and flight qualities

Motor Type: Coreless

Servo Operating Voltage: 4.8-5.5V

Speed: 0.08 sec/60deg; @ 3.3V; 0.06 sec/60deg; @ 4.8V,0.08 sec/60deg @ 3.3V, 0.06 sec/60deg @ 4.8V

Torque: 0.18kg-cm @ 4.8V

Weight: 2.50g

Width: 8.00mm


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