SWB 4,25" (110mm) Offset Bellcranck

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SWB 4,25" Offset Bellcranck

Offset BellcrankTake a load off your standard size servo or servo's with this straight or offset bellcranks. These bellcranks are designed to be used with a rudder horn mounted on Hinge. The height of the assembly will match most brand names standard size servo's. It comes complete with and isolated delrin bearing, pivot and SS mounting screw. Hole spacing is 1/4" and tapped for 4/40. This Bellcrank is designed to be used with 1-1/4" Full Arms.


Note: offset bellcranks sizes are to be used with common size rudder horns.

Example: 4" offset Bellcrank to be used with 4" rudder horn mounted on Hinge line.

Offset Bellcrank = crossing the pull-pull wires

Straight Bellcrank = running the pull-pull wires straight


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Manufacturer SWB
Artikel referentie SWB040