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The ROYAL SX 16 with voice output
The handheld transmitter with the proven 2.4 GHz transmission technology M-LINK for the demanding hobby pilot and expert.
Many victories and titles have been achieved with ROYAL technology.

• Universal voice output freely and individually configurable
• Comprehensive adjustment and mixing options for surfaces and helicopter models
• Lowest programming effort due to different model templates for surface and helicopter models
• Free function assignment for encoders, switches and servos
• Up to 4 flight phases per model with phase-specific trim and Expo setting
• 3 timers plus model and transmitter operating time
• 5 function keys and 2 3D digi-adjusters for easy, user-friendly programming
• 6 menu buttons for direct access to the main menus
• plain text menu navigation in different national languages ​​(DE, EN, FR)
• Ergonomically optimized housing design for manual and console transmitter operation
• Folding display
• Digital trimming via trim cross, flight phase specific
• MULTIPLEX multifunction socket (transmitter battery charging, teacher / student mode, PC interface for firmware updates, data management and simulator operation)

Further advantages are:
• The proven 2.4 GHz transmission technology M-LINK is integrated in the transmitter.
• The operating modes Binding and the power reduction for range test are activated easily and conveniently. Setting the FAIL-SAFE positions in the receiver can be done from the transmitter, via menu.

16-channel mode
A special feature of the ROYAL SX 16 is the transmission of 16 fully proportional channels. Of these, four are additional channels. These always work with the full servo paths and are intended for special functions. In order to use the additional channels, the 16-channel receiver RX-16-DR per M-LINK is required.

Back channel / Telemetry
When using a telemetry-capable receiver, the current voltage of the receiver's power supply is displayed on the transmitter's display. If the voltage drops below an adjustable minimum voltage, an acoustic signal warns of an empty receiver battery. Without a sensor, the connection quality (LQI) on the transmitter display can also be displayed in% values. An additional safety plus!
In addition, up to 15 telemetry data from the model (depending on the connected sensors on the receiver, eg voltage, current, temperature, etc.) can be shown on the display (application examples: motor temperature, drive battery voltage, current consumption of the drive).

The handy voice output device: Souffleur is for telemetry data and vario tones. It latches into the radio link between the telemetry-capable receiver in the model and the remote control. No cable connection to the transmitter. This makes the Souffleur completely free and universally applicable. Only a one-time binding is necessary.
• high-quality earphones
• adjustable volume
• Top sound quality also for precise reproduction of Vario tones for gliders
• Language: German
Free and individually configurable
• Immediately ready for use thanks to optimized factory presetting
• Selective voice output / announcements: very easy via PC free and individually adjustable. To use our freeware MULTIPLEX launcher with 5 typical model telemetry configurations, you need the USB PC cable (UNI) # 8 5149.
Data announcement:
  - manually controlled (via control function on the transmitter)
  - Time-controlled alarm-controlled
  - Threshold controlled

Super fast transmission
Thanks to a digital interface to the RF module, a very fast, high-resolution and precise transmission of the control signals is possible. The ROYAL SX M-LINK operates with a servo clock of 14 ms in 12-channel mode (or 21 ms in 16-channel mode) with a resolution of 12 bit (3872 steps). Switching Normal / Fast Response. If 14 ms is too fast for the servos used, the cycle time can be set to 21 ms.

Fast conversion
If you still want to use receivers in conventional FM technology from your stock (PPM, M-PCM), that's no problem. The ROYAL SX M-LINK can also be converted on the airfield within a minute: The 2.4 GHz RF module HFM4 M-LINK with 2.4 GHz antenna is easily replaced by the existing FM RF module and the long transmitter Replaced telescopic antenna.

Graphic LCD display
• 132x64 pixels, clear presentation of all information
• Contrast adjustable in the menu
• UV-stable and anti-reflective
• Foldable (inclination angle 0 ° / 20 ° / 40 °)
• Optimal viewing angle for every application!

Comprehensive basic equipment conveniently arranged
• 2 switches, 2 stages
• 2 switches, 3-stage
• 2 switches on the side, 3-stage
• 2 buttons, sideways


New precision billet aggregates from the PROFI TX
• Ball bearing
• Easy to activate detent or friction on the right or left (for throttle, spoiler or pitch)
• Return force of the billets (neutralization) adjustable
• Ergonomic adjustment by stepless turning of the entire billet aggregate by up to 15 ° (thumb follows the natural movement with manual transmitter operation)

Clear keyboard with 11 keys
• Direct access to the 6 main menus (upper row of keys)
• Selection of menu items, changing and confirming entries, u. a. (lower row of keys)

Multifunctional socket (back)
• Charge the transmitter battery
• Connect teacher / student cable
• PC interface for data transfer (data backup, firmware update)
• PC interface for flight simulators

Two 3D digi-adjusters
• Easy and quick to set
• Settings can be changed in flight

Two sliders
• For proportional control functions
• With detent and tactile center catch

Digital trims
• Ergonomically optimized arrangement
• Graphical trim position display
• Trim step size selectable (0.5 - 1.5 - 2.5 - 3.5%)
• Automatic saving of trim at
- Switch off the transmitter
- Changing the model memory
- change of flight phase (flight phase specific trim)

Transmitter battery PERMABATT + 2100 mAh installed
For extra long operating time (> 25 hours)

• 2-stage or 3-stage switch or button in the aluminum stick handle


ROYAL SX -elegance- 16-channel single transmitter, HF module 2.4 GHz M-Link, transmitter charging cable,
Instruction,, Transmitter battery, prompter with earphones, USB charging cable



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