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Domino 3 PNP (green) 1420mm

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The successor to the thousandfold proven Domino is here! Like its predecessor, the Domino 3 is made of high-quality EPO molded foam and has been completely redesigned in many details. The flight characteristics and equipment were further improved. The Domino 3 allows the budding model pilot a perfect introduction to the hobby. It is perfect for beginners and is also very popular with advanced pilots.
Equipped with ailerons and powerful brushless electric drive as standard.
* The perfect beginner model
* Latest brushless - electric drive technology
* Pre-assembled, only a few steps are required, such as the attachment of the wings
* No gluing required
* Tailplane for transport possibly easy to remove
* Very long flight times over 20 minutes already possible with the recommended standard battery (1300mAh)
* Control via 4 channels / 4 servos (motor, side, elevator and aileron)
* Spare parts are available
Technical specifications
* Span = 1420mm
* Length = 960mm
* Flight weight = from 590g
* Area = 23dm²
* Total area load = 25g / dm²

package contents
+ Flight model Domino 3 completely pre-assembled
+ Brushless drive and 4 servos (rowing machines) completely factory-assembled

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There are no products matching the selection.

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Artikelnummer PIC9076
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