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DPSI OCP JR (over current protection)

DPSI OCP JR (over current protection)
Artikelnummer: EMC041

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  • Electronic overload protection including integrated protection against over voltage peaks
  • A connected consumer (servo, pump, ignition system or similar) is turned off when exceeding current flows or a short is encountered
  • Protects LiPo voltage regulators or battery switches by reducing the heat dissipation when shorts or exceeding currents are encountered
  • Simple programming including automatically learning of the maximum current
  • Displays maximum current using LED blink codes
  • Automatically turns on again after 5 seconds of wait time if so programmed
  • Protection against voltage peaks caused by the dynamo effect of powerful digital servos (starting from approx. 7.5 volts)
  • Continuous current 8A

JR version (simply put in between battery switch and servo just like an extension cord)

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Artikelnummer EMC041
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