Tattu Plus 1.0 16000mAh 12S 15C 44,4V 15C UAV Lipo XT90 plug

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Tattu Plus 1.0 16000mAh 12S  15C 44,4V 15C UAV Lipo XT90 plug

Ref. TA-PLUS1.0-15C-16000-12S1P-C

Tattu Plus 1.0 Compact version 16000mAh 12S 15C 44.4V Lipo battery pack with XT90-S Plug is suitable for Freefly AltaX, agricultural spraying drone, security mapping, power inspection and other industries. The whole system includes data acquisition, security warning, power calculation, automatic equalization, charging warning, discharge anti-sparking, support charging by charging butler, abnormal state alarm, human-computer interaction, history query, parameter configuration, etc.Also can access the battery pack status and battery pack working history data by CAN/SMBU communication port and host computer software.   


  • Communication protocol CAN
  • Communication protection
  • Fuel gauge
  • Self-inspection
  • Using time log
  • Current detection
  • Ultra-Low power consumption
  • Abormal log


  • Net Weight (±10g): 4250
  • Brand: Gens ace
  • Capacity: 16000 mAh
  • Discharge Rate (C): 15C
  • Parallel (P): 1
  • Voltage: 12S (44.4V)
  • Length (±5mm): 217
  • Width (±5mm): 80
  • Thickness(±5mm): 150
  • Wire Gauge: 8#
  • Wire Length (C/D): 230mm
  • Connector Type: XT90-S
  • Balancer Connector Type: Molex / JST-XHR


Meer informatie
Manufacturer GensAce
Artikel referentie GATAPLUS1600012S
Capaciteit (mAh) 16.000,00
Batterij type LiPo
C Rate 02-20C
Aantal cellen 12 Cell