LiFe-EC 3100mAh 3S TopFuel

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The TopFuel LiFe-EC battery series is perfectly suitable for applications that require a very robust and easy-to-use cell.

The TopFuel LiFe-EC cells are built in a flat, LiPo-like design and therefore fit perfectly into almost any existing battery compartment.

Due to their very good properties, our TopFuel LiFe-EC cells are much less susceptible to deep discharge or overcharging, such as LiPo batteries. In addition, well maintained TopFuel LiFe-EC batteries keep a lot of charging cycles.


  • EC3 connector for the consumer
  • XH balancer connector

Cells 3

Nominal voltage [V] 9,9

Capacity [mAh] 3100

C rate 30C

Balancer connector XH

Dimensions and Weight

Length [mm] 136

Width [mm] 42

Height [mm] 23

Weight [g] 273


Meer informatie
Manufacturer Hacker
Merk Hacker
Artikel referentie HACK53100351
Capaciteit (mAh) 3100
Aantal cellen 3 Cell