7mm DUAL Navigation + Strobe Light, 6Wx2 Green-White

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Miniature position and flash light in a housing. The profile light of the 7mm series is externally very slim and fits optically onto the smallest models with big scale factors. With the new COB emitting chip ensures a high light output despite the micro dimension and is therefore also suitable for larger models.


Electricity: 2Wx2 RED/GREEN and 4Wx2 WHITE reference power

Beam angle: >150°

Light intensity: ~50 Lumen RED, 0.17A

Light intensity: ~70 Lumen GREEN, 0.17A

Light intensity: ~220 Lumen WHITE, 0.3A

Dimension: 19x8x6

Dimension cooling pin: D7x29

Weight: 4g (without cable)


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Manufacturer uniLIGHT
Artikel referentie ULDUAL7-060X2GNWE
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