Power supply 12V 25Amp 300W

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This electronic switch mode power supply is characterized by low weight and a particularly compact and flat design. The innovative technique can be dispensed with the large and heavy transformers. The input voltage range of 100 - 240 V AC allows for use in all European countries as well as in the US and Japan. The power supply is particularly well suited for supplying chargers. By stacking system easily can be multiple power supplies connected in parallel to increase the output power. Furthermore, the ULTRA DUO PLUS 40 can be placed and contacted directly on the power supply. The switching power supply enables high charge current and is perfectly suited for the ULTRA DUO PLUS 40 and for the ULTRA DUO PLUS 50th For the ULTRA DUO PLUS 50 can be both a single power supply for 300 W load power and two parallel-connected power supplies for the max. Charging power can be used. Two additional output jacks allow the connection of other consumers.

Technical information
Output voltage DC [V]: 12
Batteries number: 0.0
Batteries or accumulators / recommended: N
Battery Cell Type: |
Width (mm]: 155
AC input voltage [V / Hz]: 100 - 240; 50/60
DC input voltage [V]: 100 - 240
Weight approx .: 1100
Height [mm]: 55
Length [mm]: 180
Power plug / power supply included ?: yes



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Manufacturer Graupner
Artikel referentie GRAU6460
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