Combo light module Luna 52mm White/Green

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For application e. g. as green position light and as white anti collision light/ACL (strobe) inside starbord (right side) wing tip.


The combo light module can be connected directly to to SLC outputs (Smart Light Channel) of the light controller Light Driver 5.0 (see Accessories). No soldering and no pre-resistors necessary.

Intelligent light control

Plug & Play type recognition: The combo light module will be recognized by the light controller Light Driver 5.0 automatically. The light controller regulates luminosity thus heat generation according to the thermal properties of the combo light module's housing.

MLT technology (Maximum Light Tracking): Optionally the combo light module can be operated with highest liminous power. An integrated heat sensor enables the light controller Light Driver 5.0 to regulate the liminosity in case of strong heat generation automatically.



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