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Laser 200 EXP 48" ARF

Laser 200 EXP 48" ARF
Artikelnummer: EXTR245R

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Laser 200 EXP 48" ARF

Extreme Flight Laser-EXP

I am a huge fan of the Laser 200 and the late airshow legend Leo Loudenslager. I always knew that at some point Extreme Flight would have to produce a model of this iconic airframe.

I began discussing this model with my factory CAD engineers in the fall of 2011. My goal was to honor the unique heritage of Leo and his Laser while bringing the model up to date to match the performance we have all come to expect from an Extreme Flight EXP series aircraft. One of the last modifications that Leo made to the Laser was to design a more streamlined canopy. This canopy was installed on the Laser and flown by Leo prior to his tragic death in a motorcycle accident.

I much prefer the look of this canopy to the original and decided to incorporate it into the Laser EXP design. I was never a fan of the orignal cowling on the Laser. In my research I found photos of the Laser Z230, Laser 300 and 2000 that had all started incorporating a much more streamlined and "sexy" cowling. I decided to incorporate this cowl into the Extreme Flight EXP version as well. As such this model can't really be designated as any particular variant, so I decided to simply call it the Laser EXP.

Like all of the EXPs, the Laser excels at both 3D and precision maneuvers. It shares the long tail moment of the Extra and Edge which gives it great stability in high speed precision maneuvers and it also features that famous EXP elevator that allows for crazy pitch authority and great stability in high alpha maneuvers.

When the CG is properly set the Laser has minimal coupling and is a very neutral aircraft. Experience for yourself the latest incarnation of the EXP series aircraft and allow your skills to become Laser guided!

Product Information


Wingspan: 48 inches
Length: 48 inches
Wing Area: 500 sq. in.
Weight: 42-46 oz.
Power: 2814/820 Outrunner with Airboss 45A Esc w/ 4S 2300 - 2700mAh LiPo battery
Radio: 5 channel w/ 4 sub-micro servos and ES


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Extra informatie

Artikelnummer EXTR245R
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Brand Extreme Flight
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planetype 3D Aerobatics
spanwidth 1000-1500mm span
color Red
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