Carisma - MSA-1E Coyote - RTR - 1/24 Scale

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The sofa in the lounge becomes a range of mountains, floor cushions become giant boulders, your desk the great indoors, the backyard a never-ending wilderness. The only limits these rigs have is your own imagination (and possibly how predatory the local cats are!). Test both your driving ability and your course building ingenuity. Drive from point A, to point B, via point Z!

The MSA range have been designed for all ages to enjoy. The new Smart Throttle '1-2-3' Feature offers 3-modes of operation (Beginner, Intermediate & Expert), each designed to offer a different driving characteristic and speed. Our brand new KD PROPO RX/ESC with Smart Drag Brake feature, has been programmed to offer hold when you need it most, climbing inclines and those difficult descents. We haven't cut corners on the components either, we use a true Hobby Grade High Torque Micro Servo (3 wire) and a 2.4GHz Technology Transmitter and Receiver.


Skid Clearance: 25mm

Length: 217mm

Width: 100mm

Wheelbase: 125mm

Height: 119mm


  • Smart Throttle ‘1-2-3’ Feature (Beginner, Intermediate & Expert)
  • Brand New KD PROPO RX/ESC with Smart Drag Brake feature
  • Build in Ports for add on FPV module & for optional LED Kit
  • Hobby Grade High Torque Micro Servo (3 wires)
  • Permanent Shaft Driven 4WD with Locked Diffs
  • Low Maintenance MSA-1E Spring Dampers
  • Super High torque Micro Motor & HeatSink
  • Brand New 2.4G KD PROPO Radio
  • AA Batteries for TX included
  • Stealth Velcro Body Posts
  • 130MAH NiMH Battery
  • Safe USB Charger
  • LiPo Ready ESC


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Manufacturer Carisma
Merk Carisma
Artikel referentie CA-79368
Motortype Brushed
Schaal 1/24