F4U-1D Corsair (All Silver / Folding Wings ARF)

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CARF Corsair F4U-1D with Folding wings (silver color) ARF

The Corsair has been one of the most breathtaking Warbirds ever built . However, the typical gull wing was a nightmare for every modeler to build, so prior to the composite age, not too many Corsairs have been made. What a shame...

Well, things can change in an instance!
Our 1:4.5 Scale F4U-1D Corsair features all our latest molding and manufacturing technologies, which have elevated our ARF Aerobatic Planes and Sport Jets above all competition. The CARF Models Corsair is a true marvel. Absolutely scale in outline and in panel lines, it even features the scale fabric surface on outer wings, elevator and rudder right out of the molds. This scale is not too big for a safe flying weight below the 25 kg (55 lb) limit of many countries.

With the CARF-Models F4U-1D Corsair a dream comes true for us – and maybe for you, too.



- all flaps with their offset hinges are readily installed.

- all control horns are installed

- cowling is factory installed

- stab is completely installed

- landing gear installation is prepared up to simply bolting the gear in place

- gear doors are all hinged

- tail gear former and servo mounts are installed

- folding mechanics and hinges are readily installed


For you left to finish are mainly installation jobs, such as:

- one glue joint fin attachment (not glued on for packing and shipping reasons)

- linkage, servo and other RC installation

- engine installation

- retract installation and final gear door cylinder installation

- wing fold hydraulic installation and plumbing

- canopy and cockpit installation

- final scale detailing and painting


All parts are detailed, silver painted composite components, light weight and not only “prefabricated” but really ARF’ed. Why bother with hundreds of building hours if you can get around it for as little upcharge as it is? A detailed instruction manual not only guides you through the remaining build, shows you how much work you’ve saved...


Note: You need to order the hydraulic pump&valve set (Item No. 790400) separately to operate the folding wings!


more info on the CARF website





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Manufacturer CARF models
Artikel referentie CARF793000
Merk CARF models
Kit versie Almost ready to fly
Spanwijdte 2800
Vliegtuig soort Warbirds