Flex Innovations - Mamba 70CC ARF Kit Blauw

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Premier Aircraft Mamba 70 ARF biplane by QQ Somenzini - BLUE


The Mamba 50-70cc combines light weight with large wing area. Experience and intense attention to every aerodynamic and geometric detail allow a biplane experience not available anywhere else!


Starting with a Model 12, Kevin Kimball of Jim Kimball Enterprises and Quique Somenzini have made various changes to further refine the design, and perfect it as a 3D model. These changes include a new sleek cowling, more wing chord, and revised wing tips and ailerons.


Light wing loading and absolute minimum control coupling are key to great 3D performance and the Mamba excels in this area as demonstrated by its 2070 sq. in. of wing and a flying weight of less than 19 pounds! Years of F3A and 3D biplane experience make Quique uniquely qualified to design the Mamba to fly just right.


  • Wingspan : 1961 mm
  • Weight : approx. 8410 g
  • Recommended Engine : 50-70 cm³


  • Plug in upper and lower wings with pinned inter-plane struts for easy transport
  • Balsa, Ply-wood, construction
  • Gigantic control surfaces for extreme 3D performance
  • Precise Aerobatics with minimum control coupling
  • Super-light Rigid Airframe
  • Custom G10 Control Horns for Optimized Throw and Precision
  • Painted Fiberglass Wheel Pants and Cowling
  • Main Hatch and Auxiliary Forward hatch removable tool-free with one Latch
  • Optional Shark Teeth Leading edge for reduction of Wing Rock and enhanced low speed control
  • Factory applied trim scheme
  • Easy to modify for Electric Motor


Meer informatie
Manufacturer Flex Innovations
Artikel referentie FPM1400A
Spanwijdte (mm) 1.961,00
Kit versie Almost ready to fly
Vliegtuig soort Aerobatic vliegtuigen

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